It took me years to fill out the information below. 😀 Heheh… uhm, I’m going to update it with today:

January 5th, 2012

Work goes on and on and on! Shivae Studios is one person… me. That hasn’t changed. In the future I will likely add more people so I can do more, but right now, just working toward a very visible horizon. The last few years have been tough, but there are a lot of bright lights showing up that are RIGHT THERE. Outlasting the recession/depression is going one month at a time, but maybe 2012 will be a better year for it? I won’t REALLY know until March. Maybe February.

I do all of the writing and have done the majority of the artwork in the last decade. Other artists have come in and volunteered to work on coloring and in some cases, actually drawing a comic they loved that I didn’t have time to work on. Right now, I’m working on five comics with hopes to have time to add to them. I’m also doing a lot of commission work, which is why I don’t have time for more comics. Old comics still listed ARE still being worked on. They’re being scripted. They have pages penciled and inked. Some even have pages colored, but are not updating because I do not want to update only to have to stop again.

Kim is doing awesomely well. She’s in second grade and in the top reading group in her class. They’re starting on Chapter books – which she’s been reading since last summer and I’m proud of her. Bought her first Goosebumps book from Half Price Books a few weeks ago.

I figured it was about time I filled this in.

Shivae Studios is one person … me. (And occasional other artists when I have the money to pay them.) It’s my full time job. I honestly am working from the moment I get up in the morning to when I go to bed at night. I take breaks to make meals and tend to Kim and do a little cleaning, but mostly … this is what I do. (I work from home and am a stay at home mother.)

Many of you recall that I was updating more frequently in 2006 than 2007. 2007 was a bad creative year for me, starting with a severe falling out with my family in which I no longer speak to and declared the church I grew up in a fraud and had to rewrite my brain and acknowledge to myself that yes, my parents were neglectful and yes, the longer they were a member of that church, the less important we were. I don’t take kindly to churches that teach that parents should never admit they’re wrong to their children or serve a ‘pastor-god’. In short, I don’t believe the majority of the charismatic/word of faith/prosperity movement. My mother is horrified that I’ve decided to be a plain, simple BAPTIST (Well, she thinks I am because I’ve married into a family of them, pastors and missionaries, whom I admire, but I feel a bit burnt out on labeling period so don’t consider myself part of any denomination). Good grief. It has at least inspired a comic that was already in the works prior to this, entitled Agape Ai: The Best Deceptions are Laced With Truth

While I’ve recovered from that wonderful time period, I have not been able to overcome the fact that I have a very active 4 year old girl and she will not start school until next fall. I’ve somewhat conceded that I’m just not going to be able to do much more than I currently am until she goes away. For those of you who were not around four years ago, Kimberly Arwen Ross is my daughter. She’s a cute little four year old girl with brown hair and lovely hazel eyes that change colors. She loves being read to and watching Noggin. She was also born with several severe birth defects due to an illness I had early in my pregnancy. She had a cleft pallet (In the soft pallet fortunately), her esophogus didn’t connect to her stomach and she has HLHS, which involves three heart surgeries to repair. Her first surgery was to repair the esophogus issue at 3 days old. Her second was the first of the three heart surgeries at 10 days old. HLHS is a condition in which the heart is not formed correctly and lacks a lower left ventricle. Kim was special in that she HAD the lower left ventricle, it was just not fully formed. Since then, she has successfully had her last two heart surgeries, the last one going a different way than normal HLHS patients, called the Restalli, which gave her a fully functioning four chambered heart. We were at Children’s Hospital of Dallas for all of this and spent 4 months in that last time and she ALMOST had a heart transplant. While she’s scarred and spent a good deal of her first years of life eating through a tube in her stomach (I’ve got a kid with a cast iron stomach who cannot throw up! I’ve never been spit up on either. She had a procedure called a nissin done which tightened the top of her stomach so that she wouldn’t aspirate.) she’s acting pretty normally. She’s behind by about six months and we’re waiting to see if she’s going to get to go for a few hours of preschool every day this spring. She’s borderline and I’d like to see her go.

I am amused by the fact that Kim LOVES hot foods. I’m even more amused at seeing people’s faces when she eats them. I took great pride in giving Kim hot hatch chili peppers they had at Central Market and seeing the look on the concerned people’s faces telling me: It’s hot as she popped it into her mouth without blinking and asked for more. 😀