The Cyantian Chronicles tally image, which I’ve already had a request for as a pin. Anyone else want it as a pin?I AM considering making a wallpaper war based on this image with two options that are nice, two that are not so nice for what to do with Khaelis this month. I’m thinking: Nice – Vacation in a nice warm place or A party in Khaelis’ honor and Not so Nice – A vacation in a cold place 😉 and Trials at Work

I’ve also included a file that’ printable for your own coloring. You’re free to print it out and such, but not to sell it or claim it as yours. (Addendum now that it’s been colored and replaced. 🙂 This image is also available in the Shivae Studios store along with other related items or through this direct link.)

Khaelis DHM Lineart