Everyone knows how much I love dinosaurs.

You should also know how much I HATE cartoons based on card games where all they do is play cards, which includes anything beyond the first season of Yugi-oh. I didn’t like Yugi-oh after that first season.

Unfortunately, dinosaurs tend to cancel out the use of card games. 😀 I ran into this anime called Dino King this morning on Fox. It’s cute. It has a cute baby triceratops that turns into a giant CGI Triceratops at the swipe of a card and is fairly interesting for a Saturday Morning Cartoon. It doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously since it involves three kids, the one who found the trike card and device to activate it (The other two apparently also have devices, but no cards.) Anyway, the primary kid’s father is a paleontologist… I think… it wasn’t too clear on it.. especially when he whips out a device near the end of the episode that he apparently built overnight to make using the card easier… along with a foot thick manual 😀 (OH yeah.. the voice actors… they’re all Pokemon voice actors 😀 As a matter of fact… it looks suspiciously LIKE Pokemon in the character arrangements.)

I like baby triceratopses.

I’ve also discovered it’s popular in Japan and there IS a DS RPG.  It relies on rock – paper – scissors types of combat, which looked alot like another game I played several years ago involving giant bugs and swiping cards… which looked suspiciously like the Dinosaur King cards, which is why I stopped on the channel in the first place. 😉

Dinosaur King Website