Every year I attend A-Kon 19 in Dallas, TX!  At the moment, this is the only convention I am able to attend due to finances.  I will be located in the Dealer’s Room as usual, NOT the Artist Alley, basically on agreement with my husband since I don’t have to carry merchandise in every morning and out every evening and we don’t stay in the hotel.  I love A-Kon.  It was my first anime convention to attend.  And as I said,… the only one I have plans for, although I AM considering Megacon in Florida, it’s just a matter of having the money at the right time and well… this year isn’t going to be the right time either. :/  Maybe in 2010 when we have the majority of our bills paid off.

I was just lamenting the fact that there aren’t really any conventions I can easily get to other than the Texas conventions and none of them are anthromorphic based.  (I am also hoping to attend Comicon, maybe in 2010 as well 😀  Actually, I’d love to do it in 2009 since they’ll probably do something Transformerish.  I need to join some small group with members on the east and west coast to help a little with the table costs. 😀