*Spending time with Kim consumed 5 hours of my Saturday 😀 Small price to pay.*

I was a little doubtful about this movie. I began very excited, right up until the latest slew of trailers in which they SHOWED the direct live action copies of scenes from the original animated features. This annoyed me.

But, I really wanted to take Kim to watch a movie and the slate of movies that might appeal to a four year old girl is pretty blank. (I refuse to watch Bee Movie. I consider it garbage on sight and it’s the FIRST Dreamworks animated feature I have just absolutely found zero interest in from the moment it was mentioned. Judging by comments on the movie, I’ll let someone else take her. ) I read the comments before taking Kim to see Enchanted. Since there were several notes about 4 year old girls being fine with it.

My biggest concern was the dragon, even though Kim loves dragons. 😀 So we went to the movie at the Studio Movie Grill, just me and Kim while my husband did some Versus and had his kid friendly Galactus along *groan*. Studio Movie Grill is awesome, ordered Kim a small pizza and myself some coconut tenders, had a great time with her and wow… this is the FIRST movie we’ve taken her to since Ratatouille (She became bored very fast in that one and we decided not to take her to any more for awhile. She loved Surf’s Up and so did I, but just didn’t take to the rats like she has penguins.)

She sat still for pretty much the entire movie. (She likes to eat, which is one of the conveniences of the SMG, it controls her just a little better than just watching a movie.) She paid attention. She did jump a few times and at one point sat in my lap and tried to make me cover her eyes when the evil stepmother appeared in the real world. She did NOT like her.

Of course, the dragon didn’t bother her at all. 😀

So there’s another 4 year old, who normally doesn’t have an attention span for live action, who sat through it happily and MINDED.

Oh, and I thought the movie was adorably cute and had me laughing out loud at many of the sequences (Specifically the one legged pigeon and the cockroaches). (I read a review that said that his four year old was completely destroyed by this movie and I LAUGHED at that… actually, that’s the review that pushed me into going and seeing it with Kim because it was so ludicrous. After seeing the movie, I couldn’t figure out HOW that could happen.)

Normally, I am VERY harsh on Disney movies, at least the more recent slew of them and I’m just not feeling all that interested in The Princess and the Frog (and I hate Disney Princesses and have not directed Kim’s interests toward them.)

List of movies I hope to make over the holiday season with Kim and family:

Alvin and the Chipmunks – Is it really wrong of me to see Jason Lee and go: Woohoo! It looks cute.

The Waterhorse – This will be the definate one.

National Treasure II – Most likely the family movie.

Sweeney Todd – Because I need a Tim Burton fix.

Gee… that list looks like my movie collection, nothing in common with each other. Now… where’s my Prince Caspian trailer .. oh.. crud, I almost forgot about Cloverfield!