Vash Bed

Vash is a registrable Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I say registrable because I never bothered to register him. I didn’t see a point because I didn’t plan on breeding him and he’s a pet. 😀 Vash was born on July 5, 2005 at Camp Bow-wow Kennels and we claimed him a couple of months later. This would be the first time I’ve purchased a dog and the only reason I did was to get a dog with a certain kind of temperment, one which corgis are known for. That is, smart, tolerant, good natured and a good guard dog. Technically, he’s Kim’s dog because we got him for her while she was in the hospital and wanted her to have a dog to be around and play with (I wanted something that would bark and keep my feet warm. My husband wanted Ein, but we haven’t managed to get him to poing yet.)Interesting story in how we knew he would be ours. I had been looking for puppies, knowing that if we did not get one within a month’s time, we would NOT get one at all, because we wouldn’t have been able to afford it. We went to the first place down in Dallas and I was frankly disgusted. The puppies were cute, but too hyper and ‘needy’, then I saw the conditions the dogs and their parents were kept in and I was somewhat mortified. I wish I’d called the humane society on them. When we left to go to Camp Bow-wow, we got behind a car with the strange liscense plate, and I kid you not, Corgi – 2

We laughed about it, that it would be the second corgi we went to see that we would want. And thus, we met Vash, who was a ball of black fluff with cute little folded ears and just beginning to walk. He was adorable and he followed Kim around the little room we were meeting him in. He already was showing a great personality and was very calm and laid back. So that’s how we ended up with Vash, although we almost didn’t because Kim was in the hospital for so long. He came home while she was still there and was a great puppy to have at that time for us to come home to.

I was afraid that he’d develop destructive habits like I’d seen people talk about, but he hasn’t. Yes, he DID eat our carpet while he was teething, but he doesn’t seem to have any issues right now. The horror stories on the web… wow … you have got to keep them entertained and social.

Vash is in perfect form right now. Corgis tend to get fat, but I carefully monitor his food and he gets exercise and plays with the cat. He’s a little undersized for a male and weighs about 22 pounds. Unfortunately, he’s still too big for the $5 dog bed I picked up. I think I’m going to try to get him a nicer one for Christmas and give that one to the cat. He’s laying near my desk near my reference book collection. 🙂