Merle, shown here for size comparison to Vash, is a brown tabby.  We adopted her from one of the Petsmart adoption days things they do around here when she was a kitten in April of 2000.  She was born on March 10th.  My birthday. 😀  Which is why we adopted her.  She was a little hissing demon, who I was very concerned would never tame down, since she was born under a house.  The first night, she peed on my husband. 😀  Since then, she’s been perfectly potty trained, although offering us an occasional furball.  She’s afraid to go outside and an unusual cat… at least from what I’m used to.  She’s the first cat I’ve ever seen that doesn’t whirl around on you when they’ve had enough petting and try to bite your fingers off.  She does delight in attacking our feet under the covers while we’re asleep, walking across our heads and leaving an assortment of rather long scratches on our bodies during the night.  She likes to sleep under the covers and is fairly good natured.  She picks on Vash and they chase each other around the apartment.  She’s the dominant one… even though he’s twice her weight.

Oh, yes, we rough housed with her as a tiny kitten in ways that we regret nowadays… such as the lovely, I can reach you through the bedframe game! (That one was my husband)  Or… the Don’t Bite Thump, which has resulted in the cat going into a paw swatting rampage if you dare put your fingers in the configuration to thump her nose.  And when we get another kitten, we’ll do it all again!  (Except the thumping… didn’t work and she gets MAD.)

She’s the queen of the house and knows it.  It’s a privelege to pet the kitty.