Kimberly’s four years old and she says some really … odd things.  She also plays in odd ways.  Everything needs to be rescued.  (I blame this on Wonder Pets, Dora and Diego, the latter two she doesn’t get to watch as much simply because they annoy ME.)

Overhead in the car while Kim was eating some popcorn shrimp:

Save me!  Save!

No!  I’m going to eat you.

But you already ate my sister and mother!

She …. likes to play with shrimp anytime she gets it. 0.o  We decided she needed some more people toys at that point 😀  *Dolls and such.  I have yet to buy her a Barbie and I’m PROUD of that fact.  Same goes for those horrible Bratz dolls.*

Last night… I discovered that she had taken a pair of her underwear, put it on a carebear and stuffed a second carebear into the underwear and said it was a kangaroo. (She does have a lovely large kangaroo that sits on a shelf at the moment because I love him.  He was a gift all the way from Australia from a nice reader — that is no invitation to send stuffed toys!  She has enough :D)

I’m going to record this stuff so I can embarass her when she’s a teenager.