I took Kimberly, my 4 year old daughter, to see Alvin and the Chipmunks today. (Typed in that way because people keep hitting my website for reviews. :D)

Now, I love Alvin and the Chipmunks to begin with. I remember getting up early on Saturday morning to watch it and the Christmas special. At first, I was iffy, but … it has Jason Lee in it. 😀 We went to the new AMC with a wonderful coupon for a free Kid’s Pack, which they had a ton of problems just GETTING to us. I also ended up with a big bag of free popcorn.

Kim did well and sat through the entire movie… except several potty breaks. I was daring and took her wearing underwear and not pullups. Did I mention that she finally decided she’s … potty trained? I’ve joked about it before, that she’d ONLY be potty trained when she was certain that she could do it flawlessly. *groan* She does this with EVERYTHING. She wouldn’t walk by herself until she could do it without falling down. She wouldn’t talk until she could do it well. So, at four and four months, she’s been going for three days in underwear and going to the potty… on her own. 0.o

Anyway, it was adorable and well done. There was a little stiff acting from Jason Lee, but it wasn’t too distracting. I’m a little annoyed at the critics for panning this one. It’s aimed at kids (with quite a bit for adults to laugh at too.) I’m more annoyed that they said they were expressionless. These people are blind. The expressions were VERY well done, down to the pretty constant twitching of ears, noses, tails and occasional scratching, which Alvin seemed to do the most.

Also, since I see people hitting this post with a specific search string:  There’s nothing really bad in this movie other than a little adult humor, which isn’t explicit and will most likely be ignored by a kid.  The potty humor is at a minimum (which is something I was afraid of.  I don’t like such humor myself.).  I don’t recall any language.  So yes, it’s fine for a four year old that can watch other movies with similar animation and sit still.  That’s normally how I gauge a movie for Kim.

I could actually watch it more than once, and anyone who’s followed my livejournal knows that I do not tend to watch ANYTHING more than once if I can help it. (Ok, so that mostly goes for R rated movies… if I’ve seen it once, I don’t have to see it again, but this, I’d be okay watching it again.)

We were also treated to Kung Fu Panda, Speed Racer, Horton Hears a Who and various other trailers. I am now interested in Horton Hears a Who. 😀