Ok, because people do not pay attention, anytime someone makes the above comment in the comment areas, send them to this page.  (The content on this page will change as stuff happens until it’s obsolete and just says:  I can’t work on everything 😉

At this moment, I can only handle four comics at a time. Alien Dice, Abby’s Agency, Campus Safari or Akaelae (GS doesn’t count, because it’s not going to update on time most of the time :D) and Shivae! And even doing those is pushing it simply because… I have a FOUR YEAR OLD. This means a ton of distractions and needing to handle her throughout the day on top of preparing meals and other household stuff (pets need to be fed, walked and brushed as well). 

Heh, stuff changed.   The school was so pleased with how good Kim’s language skills are, they would like her to be a classroom peer for preschool. Basically a child with disabilities who gets to participate with the special education preschool class with good communication skills for THEM to emulate. They would like her for the afternoon classes so now we’re working out ways to get her there and it’s amusing.. and kinda disturbing, that it’s cheaper in the short term to buy a car than to pay for preschool. 😀   Stuff changed here to.  We NOW have a second vehicle, which makes it much easier to get her to school and various other errands done that my husband would have to risk being late for work to do or miss work.  The acquisition of a second vehicle is a very good thing for stuff in general… because it means I will be attending more conventions!

So, as I’ve said before. I can not take on anymore work than that (and the various other bits and pieces of site stuff I have to do as well as compiling books). I’m trying not to burn myself out at this point, but at the same time… the movies I’ve managed to get to sum up my time away from work aside from sleep.

Thus, I will not be updating most whatever it is that you’re asking about until NEXT fall when Kim starts Kindergarden. Then I can go back to doing seven or eight comics easily 😀  This may change sooner than later as well. 🙂