Blockbuster decided to raise rates… twice this year.  I have been signed up for several years and loved the service (well, my husband loved the service).  It was a much better deal than subscribing to cable movie channels at the time.   Since I handled the finances, I like to hack and chop off needless things and that’s one of those things I kinda consider close to the chopping block at many times. 😉  Sooo, they raised the price a few dollars and cut off the nice game coupons that you could rent games or dvds with twice a month.  I was ticked off over that.  (Mostly because I don’t like paying $8 for my husband to rent games.)  I grumbled, but didn’t cancel.

Now.. I STRONGLY suspect that this was a two part move.  They did the first small increase in fees with a cut in perks in preparation to do a second one in November so they could say:  But we’re not cutting any features from your account!

Bull.  First.  I thought it was a joke.  Raising my rates $8 a month to $29.99??  I’ve gone from $16.99 to $29.99 in a matter of months??  And I should be fine with it because they didn’t change anything the SECOND time.  I emailed inquiring if it were a scam mail farming for Blockbuster logins.  Nope.  It’s legitimate.  I promptly responded that I was cancelling.

Then, I immediately checked the pricing of Verizon’s pay channels to replace it. 😀  Geeeee… I can get 20+ movie channels, including Showtime, TCM and Starz 😀 for an entire $13 a month.  AND their VOD for free. 😀  If I want to rent something, I can just do it through the FIOS channel and not have to bother with returning it or even ever GOING to a Blockbuster again.  In short, they just lost my family as even a brick and mortar supporter because I’m so annoyed with them for this.  I’m also more than fine with $13 a month to keep my husband happily entertained.

I wonder if they thought it was an empty threat to cancel. 😀  They kept on offering me all these different kinds of perks to not cancel, but I just kept hitting continue and ignored them, since they likely would’ve gone up in price too in a month!

It didn’t help that while I was cancelling, they limit your reasons and how they can improve entry box to a measily 255 characters.  I had a lot to say.

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