Well … we got approved for a reasonable loan to purchase a car. I’m a little annoyed, because I really wanted to wait until we had a good downpayment to do this, but the advantages are far outweighing the cons over and over again. I will now note.. in huge bold letters, one particular advantage: I can go to conventions in Florida and California and in between. I could not do that before, primarily due to the fact that I don’t like flying (and it’s really difficult for me to go to conventions by myself. :/ Kim can’t be left by herself and my husband has to work. ) and our little Rio is primarily used as a work vehicle, which my husband needs M-F. We were GOING to get a new vehicle next fall after enjoying a time of no car payments on the Rio. 😀 Fortunately, it’s not going to be a horrible pain, since we’re basically just not losing our usual monthly car payment. The other nice thing is that I can take Kim to school and doctor appointments without limiting my husband or requiring him to take days off and unpaid time off so those days can be used for more important things… like said convention trips.

I’m still nervous, because I don’t want to pay too much. Today, we went in to the local Kia dealership, primarily to look at the Kia Spectra5, which I consider perfect for our needs (in electric metallic orange please) . Reasonable price per my goals, good gas mileage, roomy for long trips. Unfortunately, they had sold all the 2007 ones. 😀 They only have 2008 ones. Then… the inventory manager who was on site showed us a 2007 bare Rondo. It’s kind of in between an SUV and sedan (Please note… I HATE SUVs so it has a small strike against it.) Strike number 2 is that it’s dark grey, which is a bit too close to black. But my husband likes it and being over six foot tall, he needs something with a lot more leg room. It’s also at a price close to the Spectra5. So, leaving it to fate. If it’s still there, that’s what we’ll likely end up with. If not, I get my Spectra5 😀
So… on Thursday, we bring home either a Spectra5 or a Rondo. I’m just thankful we won’t end up with two car payments at one time. I couldn’t imagine how anyone could handle that.