And, today’s movie, without Kim obviously since it’s rated R, was Sweeney Todd.

I’ve been looking forward to it since my husband made me watch the trailer. 😀  I had been expecting something slightly different and didn’t know it was Tim Burton when I’d first heard it.  Typically, I like Tim Burton and this is not an exception.

And no, I did NOT mind the music.  I saw a lot of people didn’t realize it was a musical and complained about it.  I thought they did a good job and Alan Rickman really has a good voice.  Timothy Spall came across as the Mad Hatter in appearance (Both Alice in Wonderland and Batman variations 😀 )  It was a good movie, but not for everyone.  It’s dark, bleak and saturated with very purposely unrealistic bright red and somewhat orange blood.  Kinda one of the reasons I enjoy Tim Burton’s movies.  While there is an element of realism, any gorey type scenes are dampened with unrealistic blood or … gore that has a Grimm’s fairy tale feel to it.

I enjoyed it, but it won’t be a movie I watch twice on purpose, so it gets a watchable point from me. 🙂