I went to the dentist and was informed that his worst case scenario is that I will have to have ALL of my teeth removed. Not exactly what I expected to hear. I had assumed that my front teeth were indeed messed up enough to pull, but not ALL of them. He did mention that a few might be saved and to go to a periodontist. I’m a little annoyed that I’ve had a rather large, noticeable calcium deposit between my two lower teeth that several dentists in the last eight years did NOT remove while doing routine cleanings. I saw it and had no idea what it was other than part of the tooth. It’s caused me years of irritation and probably infection in my lower jaw that’s worse than the upper.

Now, I have to figure out what my options are. I didn’t ask, but I’m pretty sure that because I have a small mouth with small teeth, I’ve suffered a lot of bone loss and gum loss due to diabetes. Feasibly… the dental treatment will be covered by the medical insurance we have as part of the diabetes treatment… because I don’t have dental insurance. (I was supposed to this year, but they apparently have a different enrollment time than the regular insurance.)

I had wanted it when I got put back on regular insurance two years ago … kinda upset about that too.

While I’m upset, it only had me down for a short time, because I don’t have confirmation it’s going to happen, but if I can just keep two teeth on top and bottom, I’ll be happy.  Oddly, even though I don’t care how I look in general, don’t wear makeup or anything… I really don’t want to look older than I am and if even a few teeth remain, it slows the jaw degeneration.