Some of you might have noticed a comic entitled ‘Coming Soon’ called Dreams Come True. It’s been up in the scripting/thinking phase for over two years and I haven’t worked on it… but I probably will begin scripting after the dream I had.

The dream was random, occurring without any outward stimulus. I will note… I am using a character type that I never use because for the most part, popping ears on a human is silly to me. 😀 But I’m not opposed to it. In any case, the nameless lead character is essentially a genetically engineered catboy whose considered feral and is being hunted. Most of the imagery in the dream was this tall, dark man pursueing him and the sheer fear within the catboy as he tried to flee and hide wherever he could. He ended up in a huge house where the parents were out and the kids were at home. They tried to hide him.

The fear was overwhelming. Especially when the hunter was standing right beside him in his hiding spot. It was so real that I unfortunately woke up. 😀