I DID indeed get to go to a showing of Cloverfield at 3:25 PM yesterday and it was EVERYTHING I’d hoped for. 😀  Well… except the ending, but it was still a VERY good, very unique movie.  This is not a movie for people just looking for action.  Yes, there is plenty of action, but the majority of it is a drama of people trying to survive and do stupid things that people in a tense situation are likely to do.  Such as … for some reason, not bothering to try to grab a weapon of some sort.  That would be my only nitpick.  I’ll put it off as they just weren’t thinking about it because it was so tense. 😀  Oh, I guess I do have a second nitpick, more out of the logistics of one of the things the monster did that I can’t actually figure out HOW it did them with its tail, since for the most part it seems to be randomly crashing into things in a confused fashion.

To me, the movie felt like walking through a video game, a good one.  The camera work was good in making you feel immersed in what was going on and it all just ‘worked’ together.  The monster shots were awesome, even if it was an absolutely hideous monster straight out of Resident Evil.  The parasites are absolutely nasty. 😀

Overall:  I enjoyed it!