Yesterday, when my husband and I went to see Cloverfield, we stopped at the new Walmart in Highland Village.  It’s a very special Walmart.  It’s the ONLY one like it in existence.  Why?  Because Highland Village is full of hoity toity people and I imagine they wouldn’t let them put one there unless it EXCEEDED the standards.  So… it’s basically a Super Target/Super Walmart V. 2.0.  It’s beautiful.  It’s huge.  I actually like going to it and the employees are actually NICE and probably paid well.

Anyway, as we were going in, I noticed that a car parked in the handicapped parking … had keys dangling from the driver’s side door.  I took a double take, mentioned it to my husband and after some hesitation and nervousness, removed the keys and took them in to the customer service department.  I didn’t want someone to decide to just take the car. 🙁  It was the right thing to do, but the odd thing is the usual:  ‘Just ignore it, let someone else do it’ sensation.   It’s odd to feel that way, but it was more that thought because I was afraid someone would think ‘I’ was stealing the keys. 😀

We took them in and gave the store clerk the information on the car and then I noticed the keytag, which read:  The Keys I Haven’t Lost Yet.