MoonlightFifteen minutes spent relaxing and toying with Deleter’s CG Illustrate.

This is Moonlight. He’s one of the central figures in the first chapter of Agape’ Ai. Stupid thing keeps expanding.

I’m tossing around the idea of doing the coloring in CG Illustrate instead of Photoshop.  It’s not going to begin updating anytime soon.  I need to finish other things, but I can’t deny tossing it a bit of time here and there when the inspiration strikes, because the writing muse likes working on different things at different times and doing what it wants eventually brings me to working on what -I- want.

This one was hastily drawn and sketched IN CG Illustrate, which is why the right side of his head is off (From the ears to the nose).  I am going to be doing these a bit more realistically and have a plan.  Each panel will be done seperately as its own stand alone piece of artwork.

There are three primary wolves, Crescent, Eclipse and Moonlight.