Yup, some people are probably coming here from NeverNever and I have a feeling my readers who pay attention to my livejournal are about to pull their hair out and start to send me threatening emails. 😀
Yes. I am taking over the pencilling/inking duties for NeverNever. Yes, I do not update as much as I did several years ago. 😉 Let me explain a little ‘why’.


(Well, and the four year old.) But the four year old has recently started going to three hours of school daily, which frees up considerable time, which I HAVE been using to bring you all those lovely full colored, full sized pages. 🙂 I also have about an hour I spend pencilling things in the car while I wait for her to get out. The other two hours, I pencil or color or ink. I have several hundred lineart files sitting on my hard drive, because I can pencil and ink much faster than I can color. By the time I get around to coloring them… I’m annoyed with how they look. (I also have multiple files waiting for color or toning for No Angel, Cafe’ Anime and Genoworks Saga.)

The short of it is… if I don’t have to color, I can update things much faster, but I put myself into the situation of wanting to color EVERYTHING because I liked how it looked. 😀 Now… I’m having a difficult time pulling myself away from doing color.. specifically on PURE and Shivae which have been colored pretty much from the start. On PURE … my reluctance is that I know it has a ton of potential in gaining a huge audience. (If I updated it.) On Shivae, it’s just stubborness. In September of next year, Kim begins kindergarten. That means… I suddenly have all that time BACK that I had when I was updating 7 comics at one time. So no. This won’t affect any of the other comics at all.

So don’t worry. 🙂

Oh yeah, this is supposed to be temporary… but the last time I did something temporary was with Cesilee’s Diary…