Most of you know I’m diabetic.  (I’m down to 225 right now, weightwise.  I was 235 a month ago.  I got sick and managed to NOT gain back the weight I lost.)  I haven’t been excercising for the last two weeks due to being ill, but I should be able to start walking again soon.

Right now, I’m drinking a slimfast or atkins drink for breakfast or having cereal with soy milk, then I have a snack, light lunch, snack, dinner and a snack… I’m amazed at how well the snacks work, although finding good snacking foods has been difficult, so suggest away.  I’ve found I really enjoy the Target brand Hummus and a serving of Triscuit thin crisps.  I love cheese, but I’m cutting back on it, although do have at least a serving a day because it’s my primary source of calcium aside from vitamins.  I can’t drink milk without a huge surge in my blood sugars… which I fear is what’s behind my teeth issue.

So, anyone have any good recipes?  I’m concentrating on eating more fish and chicken (even though I’m very TIRED of chicken…)

I’ve been gradually adjusting our diet, although it’s a bit difficult when I have a child whom we’re told to put some more weight on.  (I feed her bananas and peanut butter for that purpose and steal a slice.  I’ve found that I do best if I get a bite of something good and let my husband and daughter have the rest.)

I’m also starting to think that the only thing I’m needing to concentrate on is the excercise and I’d start losing the weight, which would in turn do good things to my diabetes.

Amazingly, over the last few months I’ve realized certain small things that are a result of removing my parents from my life.  First and foremost, I no longer experience some very disturbing thoughts and thought patterns that I used to have.  I can drive a car without disturbing mental imagery. 😀  Which is good, since I have to drive a car daily.

The other thing I noticed is that I’m suddenly very interested in buying clothes in bright colors.  I seem to be in a better frame of mind without them.  I used to only wear black, dark blue or dark purple.  When I got married, I started wearing lighter shades of blue and purple…. over the last few months, I’ve been snatching up yellow, orange and red and any other color that I’d normally have not even considered.  It’s been good to find $3 tshirts at walmart… yeah… I’m that cheap. 😀

I’m rather sad that I didn’t realize what they had done to me earlier.  I have a feeling I could’ve seen these changes so much earlier if I hadn’t been carrying their baggage.  It’s almost like they had a couple of demons hanging around them that no longer have a hold on me once I separated from them.

I remember sitting in a doctor’s office when I was a kid, with the doctor commenting that I, as a child, was under a lot of stress, yet for some reason they couldn’t ‘see’ where that stress was coming from … even though it was obvious (not all from my parents at that time.  They were different people once.  I actually prefer my stepfather to my mother at the moment, because he changed for the better.  Which is probably unusual.  I forgave them both.)