Ahhh.. 2007 was a fine year for TV programming. The only disappointment in the shows I was looking forward to was the Bionic Woman. My husband and I keep mentioning it on and off. We lost interest in it at about the third or fourth episode. The reason? They made a very unwise decision in WHO was to be the primary character. I could not find myself caring in the least for the lead character. She was dowdy and came across as selfish and annoying. I just didn’t like her. BUT, Katee Sackhoff’s character was simply awesome and I wanted it to all focus on her! She had all the good drama and conflicts. 😀 It hasn’t been cancelled yet, but I imagine it will be.

Renewals so far of fantastic thoughtful programming:

Pushing Daisies – I love it. It’s so … Tim Burtonish.

Other things I enjoyed over the season:

Chuck, Moonlight, Reaper, Life (Another of the weird ones), House, Heroes, Monsterquest, Legend Hunters, The Moment of Truth, Eli Stone, Monk, Psych, 24, Jericho (returns TONIGHT!), The Office, My Name is Earl, Lost, Bones, Ghost Hunters/International/UFO Hunters, Prison Break, Supernatural, Supernanny and I’m pretty sure that Dexter is going to fall under that list. Also looking forward to New Amsterdam.

Hmm… you might notice a running theme in there. 😀 You might call it … research. 😉 I watch a lot of documentaries as well… although my definition of watching is unlike just about anyone else’s…. I don’t watch tv technically. I work… and it’s on. There are few shows that get my undivided attention: Chuck, Moonlight and Monsterquest.

Things I stopped watching:

Criminal Minds – No Mandy Patinkin

Ugly Betty

CSI: Eh… we just don’t make the effort anymore…

Things I started watching:

NCIS – Good grief, this is hilarious. Everyone’s so WEIRD.


Mildly sad to see cancelled:

Journeyman – Not enough to protest. I sent peanuts for Jericho.