I went out with my husband to watch Jumper for our Valentine’s Day evening movie.  We’ve been looking forward to this movie since we heard about it.

Unfortunately, it’s one of those in which the trailer is more interesting than the movie itself.  There were a lot of problems with the movie, most of which seemed to be due to missing scenes.  I sense there were a LOT of missing scenes and they were removed to make it more of an action movie.  There are things that are not followed up on and a lot of ‘Why the heck did he do that?’ moments.

I enjoyed the movie.  It was a good popcorn movie with lots of nice special effects, but at an hour and a half, pretty short.  Some of the shots are difficult to follow because the shots seem too close to the action.  The entire movie was just a little ‘off’.  I know it’s based on a book and I’ll likely be looking for the books because it is an interesting concept.

The character of Griffin was created for the movie, but there is an origin book for him as well.  (And they are saying PALADIN, not Ploy or Pilates, which is what I kept hearing when they’d say the word in the movie. 😀  Some of the dialogue was difficult to catch.)

Overall… I DID like the movie.