We finally got to see Spiderwick on Saturday evening.  I’ve only read the first book… and it’s one that Kim enjoyed having read to her … repeatedly.  They’re a bit too expensive for me to be okay with purchasing any more of them until they’re in paperback.  Even going through half price books, which is where I got that one, they’re pricey.  I liked it and I liked the movie.  It was well done even with the changes in some of the characters actions.  Of the two books made into movies this weekend, Spiderwick was by FAR the better one.

Going into it, I was a little concerned that Kim, who’s 4, might get frightened.  She did fine in Enchanted so I didn’t really see any harm in it.   (I still won’t let her watch Watership Down.  It gave ME nightmares as a kid because of the imagery.  It was just way too frightening.)  She did fine and was very, very interested in the movie pretty much the entire time.  Especially when the gryphon showed up. 😀  It was kinda cute watching her expressions.

There were a few things that I can nitpick, one… the gryphon.  Its hind legs were … off.  I’m not sure how to say it other than they seemed chunkier and less form fitting than they should have been.  Uhh… I guess it was just the gryphon. 😀

Otherwise, I liked the designs.  Kim found the ogre frightening once he finally showed himself and I started covering her eyes at that point. 😉  Eventually she was covering her eyes and then would peek, hehe.

So, the movie was acceptable to my four year old with eyes closed at particularly scary parts.