Feral SketchesI intend to do two types of sketches. These, the random comic related sketches and then the ones that are done following along the many ‘How to Draw’ books I have.

The rabbits were done by memory and two of them I will probably use for characters. I’m especially fond of the one with the black muzzle and feet.

The rabbits don’t even show up early in the story, but I felt like drawing rabbits. I also need to get cats, mice, owls and rats down. Those should be more of a priority since we START the story with cats and there’s a LOT of them.

I figure I can take my time on all this design stuff and just keep showing pictures.

These were done using a .9 drafting pencil, which I’m becoming very fond of using for sketching, even though I would’ve sworn by a simple automatic click pencil with a tiny always sharp lead, but I saw a comic artist using the drafting pencil at a comic convention last fall and had to try it.