As I was driving to pick Kim up from school today, I passed a little thing in the road. I glanced and saw it was a little bird. I was startled it didn’t move… and was standing, so I turned around and stopped, picked it up and put it in the car. It isn’t injured, but it did start wiggling around at that point.

I ended up chasing it around the Rondo a few minutes later and popping it into a Bennigan’s cup.

I picked up Kim early and ran to Petsmart to get something better than the cup. It FINALLY started making some noise. I got a little plastic carrier to keep it in temporarily and a bit of food, insects and seeds in case it wanted to eat during its limited captivity. I intend to release it a little later this afternoon after my husband gets home now that it’s started chirping and whistling. (And I’m letting his tea soaked feathers dry.) I have no real idea what it is. It has a crest and is grey and white with a long beak. He also has a faint splash of orange on his sides. Kinda looks like a juvenile bluejay or a mockingbird, but I don’t recall if they have a crest. I THINK it’s a tufted titmouse. Here’s a few pictures:



Oh… and he did get released later that afternoon and fluttered off into the tree next to my building from the second story, hopped up further into it, then flew off in the direction of home.  So, it confirms he wasn’t injured. 🙂