Soooo … Kim has been trying to sit in Vash’s new dogbed for months. I bought it for him early in the fall to replace the brown one that is too small for him. It’s a nice $30 Ikea dogbed with a soft cushion and a wicker basket base. He won’t LAY in the new one. He wants the old one. The cat lays in either one.

I keep on having to get onto Kim about the dogbed and getting in it. Today, I moved it away from the window by my desk because it was in my way and she got into it and covered up with a blanket.

I decided to see if I could get her to leave it alone by just letting her have it. So, I told her that I was going to put it in her room and she could sleep in it if she wanted to. (Nothing else was sleeping in it.)

As you can see. I put it at the foot of her perfectly good bed, gave her a squishy pillow, which I’m sure that one reader will identify as a gift he sent awhile ago. It gets a lot of use.

kim_dogbed_1.jpgShe fell asleep quite happily and didn’t even fuss with us like she normally does at night. (I had read that if a child does that, you should try offering them something different to interest them, like.. sleeping on the floor.) It works. I’m happy, Kim’s happy and we have a cute picture to embarass her with in the future.

Second picture was taken a little later in the evening.