Free Comic Book Day was a blast. It was also the best Cape event ever. The creators of Love and Capes were on my left and Damphyr of Deviantart was on my right. I spent at least an hour just chatting with her since we were sharing a table. πŸ™‚ I’ve actually been reading her journals on Deviantart over the last couple of years. πŸ˜‰ It was nice to sit next to someone doing manga style artwork, unlike previous years when I was sitting next to ‘other’ artwork. I also chatted a little with Kathryn White of Blue Canary. There were several DC writer’s behind me and a good showing of people. I must say, Greg Pak stood out to me. I’m not sure what the deal was, but his table was vacant when I walked by several times.. it may have been because his tent location was a little … askew and he was difficult to find. My husband sent me to seek him out to autograph his World War Hulk hardcover. I made a beeline for that area since I assumed he had not checked there. πŸ˜‰ I immediately liked the guy.

It skimmed the other tables, took notes… and stopped at two of them. Strangely, the two that popped out at me had something in common. Both were being actively published by companies and one was in the process of working through movie rights.. since comic book movies are so big right now.

The first, was a comic called Samurai and Dragon. Which I’d post a link for if I’d carried the loot from downstairs upstairs. πŸ˜€

Red 5 comics was the second one. Their Neozoic comic caught my eyes… due to the dinosaurs. πŸ˜‰

The whole thing was a lot of fun… even if my husband did spend ALL of the money I made on comics.

He kept encouraging me to go talk to the other writers and artists.. but the thing is, I have nothing to show them. Not a thing. Nothing. πŸ˜› Nothing to make talking to them worth anything. I guess the worst part of it is… I don’t read comic books. πŸ˜€ I just don’t follow them. DC annoys me, as I’ve mentioned before and so does Marvel to a degree. I think I’ve been a bit put off by them, although there have been a few interesting stories I’ve read in ‘passing’. My husband has hundreds of books and leaves them laying around. I know many of the heroes and random details about their storylines.

I guess it’s in my mind that once I start talking, they’re going to realize that I don’t actually READ their work.

Only now, I’m a bit depressed. I’ve bookmarked a couple of sites in the past and have been working on sketching and drawing on the side when I can, but taking another 10 years to get to a level in which I feel competent enough to approach a comic book company with my work is just out of the question. I’ve been mulling around the fact that I can write and formulate many, many stories, but drawing them is an entirely other matter. I want to spend more time on the ones I’m doing, but am not in a financial situation in which it would work to bankroll a bunch of artists, so … my first order of business is to finally get everything caught up on. This year, we’re finally getting caught up on the taxes from the year we fell behind. Everything else will fall into place.

Then… I’m going to start ordering the correspondence courses from Joe Kubert’s World of Cartooning. I’m going to start with Story Graphics, then Pencilling and Inking. Each course costs $275-$325. I could take them for $175, but the extra $100 pays for professional critiquing.. which I would like. The second set of lessons is from another site I found that goes over the body anatomy in detail called The Structure of Man. Even though I only did 30 pages or so of work out of the book I have … and do intend to do more, I think I can get more out of seeing the artwork done as someone does it. I’ve found I pick up things well from SEEING it as it’s done. The improvements I’ve made were very good, but only a few things click at a time.

The other thing is once I’m done with this ‘back’ work… converting all my scripts to the tablet and all the books into book form so I have everything on the SAME page, I am going to start having other people do my work for me so I can spend more time on other work. Most of these things that will begin updating again are going to update depending on their support, which will be the cost of however much I end up paying the artists. I noticed that I FORGOT I posted a colorists needed note on Deviantart and haven’t responded to anyone yet… since I forgot about it. πŸ˜€