I began working on Autumn Rain in 2004, and it will not begin until I have completely scripted the story. This is how I keep myself from starting new comics nowadays. πŸ˜‰

This will be a superhero themed comic … or an alien based comic. I have two separate stories taking place within this world. One of them is almost done… a shame that it’s NOT the one featuring the primary character in Autumn Rain.

I will now make a note that I don’t care much for superhero based comics. I have picked them up, skimmed them and have come to somewhat loathe some of them. DC is currently at the top of my list of loathing. Why? Lack of continuity in their movies concerning characters and actors and … clones. I don’t care if they’re real clones or not. There are TOO MANY SUPERHEROES in the DC universe! Too many with similar looks and abilities… it’s like there are a dozen supermen.

Right now, my comics of choice, past and present, would be Astro City and Fables. (I do tend to enjoy the movies.. well.. I’ll ignore the existence of Daredevil and X3 as movies I’ve seen and hated.) I am very fond of Batman. πŸ˜€