I began working on Feral in 2005, and it will not begin until I have completely scripted the story.  This is how I keep myself from starting new comics nowadays. 😉  Feral is going to be another ‘normal’ animal comic, inspired by the tons of reading I’ve done lately and in the past from The Secret of Nimh to Warriors and The Guardians of Ga’Hoole.  I like owls. 😀  And kitty cats… and I’m evil.  I plot evil… much evil… and I won’t be nice either, muwahahaha!  (I had previously mentioned this story to a chat channel of a couple of squirrels from opposing sides being in love.. and when they can finally be together…  —— :D)

As I’ve been working on this, several side stories have popped into mind involving various other characters.  IT’s a very fertile world to write in.

Feral Updating Status- Unknown

Time left: 3 volumes.

Publication Process: