Ok, I’ve just finished uploading and doing the new setups for Genoworks Saga, Galen Cragg Hall, No angel, Sink or Swim, Campus Safari AND Cesilee’s Diary.  They are up and I’m nearing the end of Site Overhaul Phase I, which is basically just installation.

Now… all I have left to do is Alien Dice, which I might do tomorrow morning and hope it doesn’t cause any explosions.  I know I’m worrying unnecessarily since with wordpress cacheing the php files, it theoretically should have LESS pull on the computer it’s on.

Phase II is transferring all of the comments from WillowCMS from there to their proper pages as well as transferring all of the text to its accompanying comic.

Phase III is updating all the header/link images on all of the pages as well as individualizing the sites.  I may need to find something to help me change the css files easily .. or I may already have it and not know about it.  I will also be selecting a new theme or creating one for shivae.net because most people are going to miss these posts if I don’t attach images to them. 😀

Phase IV is figuring out HOW to make the RSS feeds on the right parse links correctly so that you see LINKS and not code.  I have not figured out what I need to do to fix that yet. :/

Phase V is going through several years worth of stored email and various images I have and uploading them into their correct folders under their correct comics.

Phase VI is completion of filling out the websites with their saved content, like extras… wallpapers and such things.

I’m hoping to have all this done by September. 😀