Today I went to Hobby Lobby seeking out a square hole punch to streamline my keychain making. 😉  I couldn’t find one that was quite the right size and wasn’t sure I wanted to get the one that was a tiny bit smaller without looking at JoAnn’s and Michael’s first.  Since I had a 40% off coupon, I wandered over to the papers and copic markers, which were on sale.  I didn’t have my list.. then noticed a tiny package with the brushes.


I use waterbrushes for inking some things, because they tend to look nice and mimic an actual brush and ink.  Because I’m AFRAID of using a brush and an open bottle of ink due to possibility of spilling and open ink bottles around a 4 year old, I’ve found that waterbrushes (brushes you fill with water) work very well filled with INK.

Normally, I use a fine yellow Kuretake H20 waterbrush.. which runs anywhere from $9 – $12.  I’ve tried others and it’s difficult to find them in the ‘fine’ size for doing lineart.  Today, I found the Sakura Koi Waterbrush for … $5.  It’s also a fine brush, so I’m going to fill it with ink tomorrow and see how it works.  I got two of them, so I can use one for watercolors.  These things are awesome for watercolors.