While I figure out what’s wrong with all my sites… when I didn’t touch anything…

We didn’t manage to see Get Smart, it’ll wait until it’s a dollar movie. We DID all go out and watch Wall-E and I’m somewhat ticked off at some of the reviews. It was a great movie, keep in mind I have a 4 year old and a girl. Kimberly SAT through the entire movie, completely captivated by it. I enjoyed it. My husband enjoyed it. And here’s why: There was NOT a ton of dialogue. Dialogue and small children is NOT a good mix. I can’t believe I am reading reviews by people commenting how little kids can’t follow it because of the lack of dialogue. HELLO! How many children’s books do you see with NO dialogue in them?! That’s because 1. Kids can’t read and 2. They are visually oriented to begin with and 3. If you do read to them, they’re going to get bored quickly if there are too many words and not enough pictures. That’s how I get Kim to go to sleep.

I’d also like to take a moment to compare the ‘Green’ messages which seem to be annoying people. It’s handled CORRECTLY. It’s not a pile of trash like Happy Feet was. Oh good grief, I could rant for hours on how much I hated that movie. Only I hated it more for one thing than all the others and that was the outdated take it had on zoos of all things. It brought to mind the same mentality on pounds that was prevalent BEFORE rescue centers and such things. I’ve come around to the point that I don’t even see Lady and the Tramp as a movie I will let Kim watch, because I do not want her seeing all agencies that pick up strays as a place where they go to die. I’d rather let her watch Emergency Vets, Animal Cops and other such shows featuring the situations animals are taken for and what they go through. And the zoo thing… Zoos are not some mindless prison and I was frankly offended that Happy Feet decided to portray that inaccurate information and expected me to believe me. Today’s zoos (most of them as far as I know) make efforts to aid in conservation of animal species and spread awareness. Now, if it’d involved a Circus, I’d have had no problem believing it. 😛 I considered it irresponsible. (Of course, I also consider it irresponsible for film makers to make movies using dogs which are not ‘kid friendly’. But that’s more of an annoyance with the people that decide to go out and BUY said dogs for their kids after seeing them in a movie which happened with dalmatians and beagles. I would never recommend either dog for kids. 😀 As someone having experience with them.)

*grumblegrumble* I’m just annoyed because I keep seeing people selling puppies on the side of the road and that infuriates me.

It all makes me really sad.

Now that I’ve gone completely off my tangent… time to see what’s going on with my sites.