Many of you who are long time readers might recall that I used to play games like City of Heroes and WoW, until I kind of ran out of time and money to devote to them. I sit in front of a computer all day, but 95% of that time is spent working. I don’t even text a lot, because I want to get things done.

I still like to play games when I find a good one and I have. I’ve been playing Spy Battle for several days now. I was contacted about playing it with Mark and possibly doing an advertisement for it using Abby’s Agency since there’s an obvious tie in. For a few days, I put it off. It’s a browser based text game. I like images and simplicity. It didn’t initially scream to me to log in and try it and well… I did have other things to do.

When Mark asked me again if I’d logged in and tried it, I finally did. I had to wait until I was ready to give it my undivided attention and uhh… it did get my undivided attention. Login was simple and I was immediately off and running. In Spy Battle, you play the role of an agent with the goals of moving up in the network, traveling to exotic locations, getting involved in covert ops and arming yourself with the appropriate gear.

You have various stats in the game that control what you can do and recharge over time. The stats are affected by your levels, research and development that you undertake and equipment that you pick up. You can find equipment while going on the ‘Smoking Bolt Op’ and then either sell it or putting it up in the item market for a marked up price.

Once an hour you get to do the ‘Smoking Bolt’, which is a LOT of fun. I really enjoy doing these and watching for when other people are doing them. In this game, you can go after other players, attack them and take a percentage of their earnings. It’s not a lot of fun when someone who’s ten levels above you does this. Fortunately, there are very few who do and it gives you encouragement to level your character up and kick the guy’s butt later in the game. I’ve got my in game enemy list set up and at some point in the future, I’m going to start going after this guy once an hour and since I have the advantage of being online pretty much all day.. I’m leveling up nicely. :> I spend a lot of my time attacking offline agents. They don’t tend to get irritated if they’re attacked offline and neither do I, since stats are usually fully recharged by the time a person logs back in. Although you DO want to make sure that all money is deposited BEFORE logging out.

It is entirely text based, but it does not require your complete undivided attention. You can run a few operations, hit the slots for some quick easy money once a day and do some R&D in a couple of minutes, then go on with your work for ten minutes or so to let your stats recharge and check back for other things. It only takes a few minutes at a time and is very easy to learn to play. These are very strong points for me. This is also a free game with a second tier that’s paid for, but the free game part of it is not crippled to a point of annoyance. The only thing game wise I really don’t like is the captcha code I have to enter if I’ve idled too long. I’d also like to see a larger item list, but for what it is, it’s a great way to spend some time … and attack other online comics like Evil Inc, which also has a faction there. 😉

In game, I’m Tiff. I’m a member of [WSA] Worldstar Agency and if you want to join me, feel free to log into Spy Battle and ask!