A few images of Kimberly from when we visited Medieval Times a week ago. 🙂  It was a late Christmas gift due to us not settling on a family event.  We were wanting to go watch the Lion King or Walking with Dinosaurs.

We arrived an hour before it began, had pictures (note that there is a $10 fee per family to put on costumes for the pictures – which is a GOOD DEAL and we’ll do that if we go back again.  The costumes looked great in the pictures!)

Then we walked around into a courtyard type area with shops of renaissance faire type toys and things.  Kimberly ended up with a cute little pink tiara and a rose that changes colors.  Items weren’t really horribly overpriced.

Kimberly really enjoyed it.  So did we.  We had front row seats and the food was ok.  Not really great, but okay.  (My short rib was three inches long and had one scrap of meat and … a huge layer of fat.  Just enough to make me want more.)

Kim’s favorite part was when they brought out the falcon since it flew over the crowd. 🙂  She did get a little concerned when they had all the end battles, but still enjoyed the whole thing.  Kim’s 5 for anyone hitting this page from a search engine, so yes, a five year old can enjoy the show.

This show was in Dallas.  (Since I had to look for reviews of Medieval Times and was given very little info about location specific reviews.)

Oh yeah, compare this image to the prior ones. 😉  Notice how nice and clear it is.  One of my Black Friday acquisitions was a work camera (you’ll see what it’s for next year).  I ended up with a Nikon Coolpix P50 for $100.