I do NOT like Junie B. Jones.  As a matter of fact, I detest her.  It was cute at first, but the more I read and the more I had to skip over words I don’t want Kimberly repeating … and correcting horridly bad grammar, the more I didn’t like them.  I’ve read all the comments on both sides and my biggest sticking point is:  You know, it’s okay to have bad grammar in the dialogue… but NOT IN THE ACTUAL WRITING OF THE BOOK.

I shelved all the books after Kimberly started speaking like Junie B, who speaks like a preschooler.  9.9  Kim speaks better than that.  Kim loves the books, but we’re steering her toward other books now.  I like the Treehouse series and I picked up a Ramona Quimby book… and hey, guess what, that Ramona seems to bring back lots of memories, lots of memories of just how much that Junie B has RIPPED off from the better series.  Good grief, if I hear that so-an-so again …  (This probably wouldn’t be as much of an issue if my husband would just censor his reading. 😉  I had to have a good long talk with Kim about using the words “hate” and “stupid” because of that.  It’s very difficult to sit there and say:  We do not use those kind of words because they are mean when referring to other kids at school when we’re sitting here READING books to her that include those words, thus, enforcing that since we’re using them, she can.

Yes, they are good for opening up a dialogue on what not to do and what to do, but I’d rather not confuse Kim with them at this time by repeated reading and then telling her not to do it… it’s kind of an unnecessary chore and I don’t think it’s helpful and it kinda makes me feel like one of those parents who smokes and tells their kid to not smoke… every time they light up.  I’ve seen how well that approach works.

I’m pretty sure the words hate and stupid and others are in there on just about EVERY PAGE.

She can read them when she’s older and can fully understand them.  She still gets them read to her by her teacher, but occasional reading is not nearly as bad in my eyes. 😀  This is a series that should not be read nightly to a kid if you want to keep them speaking normally and not using certain words toward others.

I’m very proud of Kimberly being a polite little girl.  I would like to keep her that way as long as possible. 😀