I’m sitting here, it’s almost 6 pm on Sunday, and I still have seven pages of work to complete coloring.  Two are mostly done, AD and Akaelae, one I’m just about to start shading, my LAST PURE page to color.  I just sent off the lineart to OnyxSerpent. She has already colored one page, so we’ll be two pages ahead when I finish mine. 😀

So the letting go part has nothing to do with my stopping doing any comics… it has to do with me spending more time inking.  I LOVE inking in Painter.  It’s FINALLY exactly the way I want it to look.  It’s something I was having a difficult time achieving with a brush simply because I don’t like making messes.  I’m very particular about messes.  I don’t like BBQ sauce because it’s messy and I don’t like things on my fingers.  😛

No, letting go is letting go of part of the process of DOING the comics.  Yes, I need to let SOMEONE else color these darn things. 😛  I’ve found myself spending more time inking, which I’m sure most of you have noticed and MORE time coloring.  I seem to do this every six months.  I escalate overboard, then have to step backward to fix it.  This time I’m just going to start hiring people to color.  I have a pool of artists to choose from.  Then I can stop missing details here and there in the inking and lettering.

So for now, we have PURE taken care of.  Next, I’m going to simplify everything else I’m doing back to cell shading.  I may still get someone to color Akaelae, but I’m also considering Akaelae part one might just be over after this chapter. 😀  Well.. technically not ‘over’.  I’m going to make a post on the Akaelae site.

It’s hard to let go of something that I’ve been doing even though there are plenty of people who can color far better than I and I might let go of drawing and inking on a few things so I can get the writing done correctly and have room to breathe.  I know there are a LOT of people who want me to continue with No Angel.  (And yes, I still have half a dozen pages of Sink or Swim sitting on my hard drive.)  I also have a pile of commissions I need to get DONE and I’m finding that I’m working on comics so much I really can’t do much else.   Freeing up my time in coloring would probably do wonders!  (I keep telling myself that.)

So you will see me very slowly portioning out work.