The Pins below are 1.25″ inches in size and metal. They are available as pinback/keychain or cellphone charms. You can specify a color for the cellphone loop. The latter are in VERY short supply. Pricing INCLUDES shipping! If you are outside the US/Mexico/Canada, please add the $1 shipping charge.

Metal Pins
Swiftpaw Pin $9.00
Stealth Pin $9.00
Sirius Pin $9.00
Quinn Pin $9.00
Hypre Pin $9.00
Fly Pin $9.00

Metal Pins
Swiftpaw Key/Cell $15.00
Stealth Key/Cell $15.00
Sirius Key/Cell $15.00
Quinn Key/Cell $15.00
Hypre Key/Cell $15.00
Fly Key/Cell $15.00

Add $1 for shipping if outside the US/Canada/Mexico!

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