Heh, I got tired of sitting on the couch and using a coffee table to put my tablet on, so yesterday I purchased a cheap laptop table, one of those that’s divided so that one side can be tilted.  That lasted all of 12 hours.  The following morning, I giggled as I realized that my tablet is so small that it’d fit on the part that doesn’t slant.  Then, I went over to my desktop to start doing the work that the tablet can’t handle and sit on the hard wood chair.

And I had a minor brainstorm:  If the table tilts… and it’s right size, I can DRAW on it!  Then brainstorm number 2 and 3 simultaneously:  I can move the nice chair from my big drawing table out to the living room and move it back and forth between the laptop table and my desktop!  I can PUT the laptop table NEXT to my desktop, sit the tablet up on the non moving part, draw on the slant and be able to easily reference character sheets on the tablet WHILE drawing and then all I have to do is turn my chair to use the desktop when I need to!  I love this.

Sadly… I realize what I really should do is just buy a corner desk, but this works for now.