FINALLY! I broke down and purchased a binder. I waited long enough to get one that I paid much less … now I want to bind things, so the first thing I bound was a book of all my post cards for conventions. Should be easy to add more images as well. I LOVE this thing.
You know that I’ve done this before and it went well, except that I was selling $5 spiral notebooks with 50 pages each and paying $3 just to get the books MADE using Staple’s binding, punching and paper cutting. This way, I spend much less, although it may take a little longer and more personal manpower to make them.
So, the two pictures before show the second, third and fourth books I made. These are all 4 x 6 books made from photo prints. The first book, the one with Angel Chatin has 50 sheets of paper in them … which made it clear that I need bigger owires. πŸ˜› The second and third ones have 25 sheets of paper in them.
I could use some suggestions for how much to charge for the 25 sheet ones. The 50 sheet ones (with bigger wires/when I get my adjustment bar) will go for $5.00. I’m thinking the 25 sheet ones should go for $3. Feel free to make suggestions about what I can put in these. Eventually … I’m going to start recycling my comic drawing paper into these books. πŸ˜€