So, the deal with the potato comment next to the main page of this site has to do with the fact that I’m a tpe II Diabetic. Which means, potatoes are evil. Yet, so tasty. French fries are the worst.Buuuut … I have discovered that baked potatoes covered in a healthy topping of meat do not affect my blood sugars at all. 😀 I’m one of the lucky people. (Believe it or not, different methods of cooking potatoes affects diabetics in different ways and not all of them can tolerate them at all.)

So, to also aid in the effort to lose weight (which I am losing weight thanks to a consistent breakfast of Atkins/slim fat), I forgo potatoes in all forms for two weeks. At the end of two weeks, I reward myself with a baked potato. Silly, yes, but it keeps me from eating a lot of inferior potato products during that time to enjoy a much tastier and less harmful splurge.

And the Shivae Potato is now also available through Cafepress :D.