f this is your first time here, welcome to Shivae Studios! Bookmark the page and try a comic to the left, then … if you don’t like it, try a different one. They’re different enough that some of them don’t have a lot of cross readership.

For the rest of you, yes, I’ve been neglecting the site and a lot of things this summer and this is officially the last weekend of summer. My five year old daughter, Kim, starts school on Monday. I will suddenly have a full work day and should be able to start updating as I once did. (Who knows, I might even be able to make those updates that I didn’t get to for this week if it turns out well.)

These are my fall plans for the comics:

Finish the basic site layouts, then finish the content areas.

Comics wise:

Alien Dice IS being wrapped up for conclusion, but I am going to begin running a full page black and white comic beside it to give you more insight into Lexx. There will likely be a considerable delay while I work up AD: C.U.T. The AD story will officially END, so don’t hold out ANY hope whatsoever for AD: C.U.T. to be anything good or enjoyable.

The Cyantian Chronicles is going to continue with Akaelae still ongoing. I’ve decided the current sections of Akaelae are the prologue. 😉 They’re just there to introduce you to everyone and give you a feel for their personalities. The real fun starts when I focus more on Darius.

Sink or Swim will begin updating in black and white full pages which are the redrawn original pages. I’m not going to take down the original ones in the archives. The only reason they’re being redrawn for print is that my files are not at a printable resolution.

Genoworks Saga/Gralen Cragg Hall will alternate updates, once a week.

Cafe’ Anime’ will begin updating again, first in color, then shifting back to black and white now that I’m more comfortable with black and white. I have 9 pages already inked, lettered and prepped for coloring.

PURE is going to resume updating  in full color. I will be redrawing and probably paying someone to color the redrawn pages if need be to get a print ready book done by the spring.

Sivine Blades is going to resume updating in full color. Flowerlark is recoloring Sivine Blades and hopefully we’ll get a print ready book done by the spring.

Shivae! Caiden and Koel will begin in black and white single page updates. I’ve already begun scripting it. Shivae! Vas will return as soon as Flowerlark is up to coloring.

That’s likely it for the fall.

Later on, I’m intending to begin on Black Rose anew in black and white with a few pages at the start in full color.

No Angel will begin updating in color for a time, then go to black and white for ease of updating and will be drawn and inked by another artist.

Agape’ Ai’ will begin in black and white full pages.

Further in the future:

I’m scripting a comic called Feral, which I’ve been working on for several years now. 😀 I want it to be ‘just’ right. It … like the world of Black Rose has managed to spawn multiple side stories. 0.o I’m sitting on it.

The other comic script I’ve been toying with is Tall Tale, which is part of Black Rose and features things I rarely draw. Don’t even ask right now. 😀 It would take an indepth explanation of Black Rose’s universe. 😉

I have others, but those two push to the forefront at the moment.