I was a little derailed by the problems last week. Bookworm kept me up to date on the events at The Planet (and The Planet did do their best to get things done fast!) and got the sites back up and working, hurray! A-kon was great! I look forward to next year. It’s done wonderful things for me this year in encouragement and giving me a reboot and some tips. I may delay things a little more while I run through some tutorials.

I still have plans to pick up a few things to work with.. and uhh… use my pose files more often. Just about everything I draw, I draw from memory. 😀 Which may make me happy that I can do things from memory, but doesn’t exactly give me NEW things to draw from memory. Once I draw something, a pose or item once or twice, I can usually replicate it without reference, but if I’m not drawing anything from reference, I’m not doing it ‘right’. 😉

I had a few breakthroughs over the A-kon weekend in things that I was having problems drawing. 😀 Specifically in perspective and backgrounds, which is always nice.

I AM going to get that tutorial on the structure of man, then I’m going to get the inking lesson as soon as I can.

June is pretty much a lost month in terms of updates, although I will be doing my best. I’m likely to have more delays due to a drive to Tennessee to attend a wedding where I obviously won’t be able to work. I’ll be bringing my tablet to work on in the car and keep up with things. Not saying when it is until I get back. Last thing I need is spammers taking advantage of my absence.

Hopefully I can get some sort of donation incentive up. I had one planned, but didn’t have time to do it. :/ Yet. Hopefully I get to it this week. I’m running really, really low in the donations department. Last month was half of average … this month is currently running at a tenth of average. 0.o Updating will help, I know, so I’m getting on top of it.

I had to cancel my plans to resume PURE and Sivine Blades right at this moment due to the website restructuring and moving to WordPress, but I SHOULD be getting Shivae! back to updating. Akaelae, Alien Dice and Abby’s Agency won’t have any problems and when I get back from the wedding I hope to be updating M-F again.