Whew.. we are on Day 15!  CURRENT!  Today’s Jiliac is Ricochete!

Ricochete is another one that’s fun to draw.  Unfortunately, Ricochete is heavily armed and one of those characters that requires a 15 minute scene to disarm.  Maybe longer.  She has a subspace pocket in her pouch that’s a complete armory of weaponry she’s collected over the years.  She has a preference for rifles.

Ricochete is a sweet, cheerful girl who enjoys shooting guns, collecting pets, and generally avoiding work to go chase after something new for her collection.  She knows what she wants and goes for it without a second thought, and unfortunately, she doesn’t give a lot of thought to the things she does.  She tends to roll with whatever happens, keeping up her optimistic outlook on everything.

I had a good time on her outfit, but not those laser rifles.  I need to draw more firearms to get better at them.