Frost is another of the escapees from Genoworks Saga.  She’s a mix of otter and ermine, which doesn’t happen without genetic manipulation.

Frost is also a sirac, but her abilities are unknown.  She was designed and cared for by the original staff, then seized by the military side, THEN discarded for whatever reason as a reject to undergo harsher treatment.  Because of her start on the side with an actual caring caretaker, she is docile and thoughtful about everything.  They tried to break her and remold her into a weapon of war, but she’s just too nice to be made mean enough to fight.  She also has a way of defusing tense situations, which is thought to be her abilities in passive form.

Frost is uncertain about her leadership abilities, but has found herself in charge of a small group of escapees.  She’s only focused on keeping everyone alive and out of reach of anyone that might harm them.