So I forgot it was December and put in November. 😀  Fixed.

You see this stupid comic.  It makes me smile.  It was so simple, that I know how this goes.  It will get the most comments and likes of anything I’ve ever done.

I know this isn’t original and definitely know the next one isn’t.  I remember a cute little comic using emoji styled images like this probably already did it.  I just thought it was cute and I need to complete something since I’m in a bit of a creative rut.  These seem to help and give me a sense of accomplishment.

This cloud was drawn years ago as part of a brush to be used on another comic I’ve never really started work on.  It’s amazing how much character this cloud has when you add a face!!

  • Tiff

PS DANGIT!  I just realized I should have used this as iStorm or iMad and will adjust it in the future and replace it then move this one later.. why yes.. how many i’s can I do… sooo.. so… many…

PSS  Well, that was a very fast and easy fix!  On to actual work!