I’ve often wanted to do a piece like this and with Inktober I am TRYING really hard to step outside of my comfort zone.

I added a digital frame around it.  The space within it is exactly 4″ x 6″ so this isn’t a very big piece.  I enjoy drawing at this size, but it can get a bit tricky with lots of lines!  I used the new automatic pencils and copic multiliners I got as a gift to create it.  The pencils are amazingly nice.  I only wanted one, but I was given three. 😀  So I’ll fill one with blue pencil leads and put the third in storage.  They’re nicer on my hands than what I was using!  The multiliners are also nicer than the old zigs I have.  VERY HAPPY to create art with them.. now what to do tomorrow….

 – Tiff