Today’s Cyantian is Raide “Rad” Siane.

Now, Rad was designed when I was a kid and at that time, velociraptors were primarily drawn with scaley skin and hands held like so.  I always drew mine to be covered in velvety short fur, which doesn’t really process into black and white. 😉  Of course, she’s always had the feather hair, although maybe it’s something else.  She got a lot bigger than she originally was.

Rad’s another of my constantly optimistic characters.  She’s not the brightest, but she has a huge appreciation for her current life.  How she came to join the rest of the Cyantians (She’s not a real Cyantian and she also did not originate on Earth, although her race did) is a story for another time.  Rad typically works with Silver and is part of special operations on Mars.  Mostly, she teaches classes and assists Silver in her classes.

Rad is enthusiastic about EVERYTHING and let’s it be known.  She is also into pretty, fine things, like clothing and jewelry.  In case you wonder how she gets dressed, she has assistance from those little compy’s that you occasionally see doing mail delivery. 😉  She has problems with buttons.  A lot of her clothing likely has fake buttons. 😀