Today’s Jiliac is Rebound and I had forgotten to do his text too!

Rebound can’t help but feel like he’s a little less ‘special’ than his crew mates.  He’s not good at taking charge like Cere, or strong like Outback.  He isn’t good with weapons like Ricochete and Ash, even Ash is good in combat and she was considered all but worthless by Exotica Genoworks military branch because she was so small.  Rebound just isn’t interested in any of those things.  He’s a capable pilot and all around handyman.  Where he really excels is in the kitchen.  He has a love for cooking and collecting recipes and it’s one of the few things that he feels any drive to do.  He’s considered a bit of a slacker, going off to look for fun when he should be working.

Rebound also loves Cere.