This is Daviss.  You won’t recognize him, because he hasn’t shown up in the comic he’s in yet.  He’s a monster hunter who specializes in slaying dragons and other large creatures.  He’s a quiet loner type who doesn’t enjoy being around people.  He just wants to do his job and get paid.  Unfortunately someone else beat him to the last job, so no, he did NOT slay this baby’s parents or rob it of its extremely rare nest of eggs, which are considered a delicacy and worth more than their weight in gold.

What he did do is find one lone cracked egg that was discarded.  He thought it might at least make a fine meal… until it hatched.  This breed of dragon doesn’t grow fast, only doubling in size in their first year and then doubling again each year after that up to their adult size.  He’s been riding around with it, hiding it in a saddle bag since it spends the majority of its time sleeping, the rest being adorable and pooping.  – Tiff