Forest Dragon!  This one was a bit faster than the other ones and it was the point where I hit a ‘snap’ point.  This is what I wanted to hit with the corgis, but I never did.  I am going to continue those in September.  It looks like I can get the dragons done pretty fast and the corgis should go just as fast…. now that I’m not mourning the loss of my corgi.

The snap point is where I’m not just drawing a standard dragon.  I’m moving beyond it to something more creative than the standard.  That’s where tomorrow’s start.  It’s where I’m actually having fun and doing it for more and more for my own enjoyment, which I need on occasion.  At the same time, a lot of these are going on products, because I’m so happy with them.

Oh yes, this little guy – the image of an owl popped into my head. 😀 😀 – Tiff